Why Jean Chrétien was addressing that (undivided) crowd in Brampton – Macleans.ca

Picture of the Day’s Choice: It’s voting time, when the political stars of yesteryear come to light, and evidently when COVID precautions are lost.

With less than a week to go to E-Day, and conservatives and liberals tied in the polls, the gap will narrow to the party that most galvanizes its base. For Liberals, that go-to-vote strategy relies on bringing star power to the seat-rich GTA and generating buzz. Enter former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, who drew more than 400 people to an indoor event in Brampton, Ontario, on Tuesday. It does not matter the COVID protocols: physical distancing and soil markers flew out the window like liberal fanatics swarmed around the stage, waving banners and listening to long speeches like in the good old days. Except these days aren’t the good old days. Far from the liberal organizers to appease the enthusiasm of their most devoted followers in the critical days of GOTV (vote out). But images of a crowded room, with two older people standing in the middle of a human sea, serve as a primary target for conservatives, whose favorite attack on Justin Trudeau is to label him a hypocrite. The liberal leader told reporters afterwards that his organizers followed all the usual health protocols, but the photos tell a different story.


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