Where Retirees Are Moving

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Where are you going to live when your professional life comes to a close? Many people wonder about this because it’s a question about lifelong dreams, not just work or real estate. 

It’s really a way of asking; after you’ve sacrificed the time needed to make a living, what do you actually want to do with your life? How do you really value time?

Different cities mean different things to various people. Perhaps you’re moving across the country because you want to spend more time with your grandchildren, or maybe you want to live in warmer weather for health reasons. Let’s end the speculation and actually look at where retirees are moving to.


Unsurprisingly, the second most populous state in the US is where many retirees live. They’re drawn to many things in the Lone Star State, including the mild winter weather, the range of outdoor activities in all seasons, favourable tax policies, and more.

The digital innovator Regan McGee created Nobul, a digital real estate technology platform that connects homebuyers and sellers in a secure and seamless way, and described the appeal Texas has for retirees in a press release: “Nobul is the next logical step in this evolution when it comes to real estate. With home sales on the rise, days on market continuing to fall, and more than 30 million people living in Texas alone, we couldn’t be prouder to provide our technology to the thriving real estate market.”

Texas cities can be nothing alike, as anyone who has ever been to Dallas and Auston can attest. Whether you want to live in rural conditions to hunt and gaze upon nature or live a bustling urban existence, Texas has everything you could want.


When people use the term “snowbirds,” they’re referring to people who move to Florida upon retirement to flee the harsh winter cold and enjoy some sun. Florida’s climate has attracted snowbirds for years, but people also love retiring there permanently to be near the beach, flea markets, and countless other fun local diversions.

There are affordable places to move to and lots of healthcare resources. Florida has a range of cities that can accommodate a range of lifestyles and budgets.

Some people prefer living in retirement communities with other seniors who tend to have similar interests, lifestyles, and schedules. Florida also lets you be independent in style, as the shopping and restaurants can’t be beaten!

From Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Jacksonville, Palm Springs, and more, there’s a lot more happening in Florida than just golf and Disneyland! Florida is a retirement cliché for a good reason, so consider going South if you’re looking to stop working soon.

No two people are the same, and everybody has their own life with unique demands. Retirement can be an amazing opportunity to finally get a block of time to pursue and indulge your passion. Just make sure you set yourself up with enough funds while you can work, and you’ll enjoy living in the right city for you.


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