What is the real danger of a great blackout in Spain?

“The question is not whether there will be a big blackout, if not when. “The apocalyptic alert of the Austrian Defense Minister, the conservative Klaudia Tanner, has unleashed the European psychosis this week. Now they are shared by WhatsApp survival kits at the speed of memes. There are those who have rushed to the supermarket to buy candles, batteries and preserves with the same eagerness as toilet paper in times of confinement. The Austrians are already preparing for “a real danger – they assure -, but underestimated “. What is the real danger of a great blackout in Spain?

He has ruled it out “emphatically & rdquor; the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera. He assured this Friday, in statements to Onda Cero collected by Europa Press, that the electricity supply “is guaranteed & rdquor;. The electricity generation structure in Spain – he added – is “very powerful” and practically doubles demand at peak times.

The Spanish energy system, the minister explained, “is almost an island, the risk of a type of blackout due to a system crash in third countries is very limited and there is the capacity to put a sanitary cordon in case that happens.” subject that we can discard of our horizon of worries with total emptiness “, remarked.

“Supply guarantee”

Although the contract between Algeria and Morocco for the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline ends on October 31, the third vice president insisted: “We do not have to worry from the point of view of the guarantee of supply.” Now, the Medgaz gas pipeline is being reinforced to increase its gas transport capacity and, what cannot be transported by this route, is transferred through LNG tankers, “but everything can work perfectly.”

Day by day digitized

A blackout -blackout in English- would mean that traffic lights, computers, ATMs, telephones, internet and many other services would stop working, exposing the fragility of an increasingly digitized day-to-day.

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The Austrian Army recommends having at home Sufficient reservations for the equivalent of two weeks of camping, as well as agreeing in advance with family and friends on a meeting point and laying the foundations for a network of neighborhood cooperation.

Austria already warned in 2017, in a document on risks in the next decade, that a pandemic posed a threat, and time has proved it right. The same data analysis process that was used to anticipate the pandemic, Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Kugelweis explained to Efe, is the basis for “the extensive preparations by the Armed Forces against the effects of a possible blackout “.


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