What did you say about the trafficking of girls in indigenous communities?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused this Tuesday that “there are terrible things” that the media do not publish regarding the prostitution in the elites, without giving more details of their knowledge.

During his morning press conference, the President indicated that the prostitution to be condemned runs from top to bottom.

Regarding the sale of girls in the indigenous communities, López Obrador pointed out that the trafficking or child prostitution in these places it is not a generality of what happens in the communities. He said that in the mountain communities of Guerrero this problem may be registered but this represents an exception, not the rule.

“In indigenous peoples there is a great reserve of cultural and moral spiritual values ​​and it is culture that has always saved us, I do not believe that there is social decomposition where there is culture, and in indigenous communities there is a lot of culture, in Oaxaca, in Guerrero are the communities with the most culture in the world ”, he indicated.

He said that despite going to the communities, he does not address these issues because he attends “generally, what I am addressing is strengthening the community, recognizing the importance of communities,” he said.

He stressed that we must continue to denounce and not allow these practices but do not say that it is an issue that only occurs in indigenous communities. “There is a very classist and racist tendency to accuse the poor of all evils,” he said.

He indicated that all the complaints that there are about these cases have to be attended and they have to be punished.


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