What are the cheapest gas stations?

With gasoline prices at historical highs, with an average of 1,538 euros per litre, it is essential compare before filling the tank. The competence in the sector, driven essentially by independent chains and others linked to networks of super or hyperallows you to save a few euros on each refueling to mitigate the effects of this price escalation linked to the rise in Petroleum and of the demand after the economic stoppage due to the pandemic.

This Saturday, the difference between the most expensive service stations with gasoline and the cheapest, for example in the province of Barcelona, it is more than 25% or almost 18 euros between refueling in the expensive or the cheapest for a vehicle with a 55 liter tank. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has a website where prices can be compared. This Saturday, in the province of Barcelona, ​​the gas stations where a liter of gasoline is cheaper, 1.38 euros, are located in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Alcampo service station) and on Marina Avenue in the same town , with the Ballenoil brand; as well as the Bonarea service station on Calle del Mig in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. The highest price, 1,709, was at the pumps of two Cepsa gas stations in the Catalan capital.

Diesel oil

In the case of diesel oil, which has not yet set a historical record, but is also on the rise, the cheapest gas stations, at 1,265 euros, are in Santpedor (Bages) and have the Petro Pintó brand, the same one that sells a liter in Sant Fruitós de Bages of diesel at 1,277 euros. There are also two others: Zona Diesel in Vic (Osona) and Campsa Exprés, in Gavà (Baix Llobregat), which have a liter of diesel at 1,289 euros. The most expensive liter, 1,589 euros, is sold by Repsol gas stations in Vilanova del Vallès, the Barcelona Free Zone, Santa Maria de Palautordera; and Montornes.

The same happens in the province of Madrid. In Guadarrama is the gas station with the cheapest liter of gasoline this Saturday, with 1,357 euros, under the Plenoil brand. There are several that sell it more expensive, at 1,699 euros. The same happens with diesel, with the same service station as the cheapest, with 1,237 euros. The most expensive in the province, at 1,569 euros, are usually championed by the main operators in the market, Cepsa and Repsol.

In the province of Girona, the cheapest gasoline is sold at a Bonarea gas station in Arbúcies, at 1,389 euros per liter; and the most expensive, in Calonge, by Repsol, reaches 1,719 euros. In diesel, the lowest price that appears on the ministry’s website is that of Seroil in Girona, with 1,295 and the most expensive is in Port de la Selva, under the Cepsa brand, at 1,619 euros.

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In the province of Lleida, the cheapest gasoline is found at the Petrolis de Barcelona service station in Olius (1,376 euros) and the most expensive is 1,649 at a Repsol gas station in Almacelles and another of the same brand in Balaguer. . As for diesel, the lowest price is found at the Verge Loreto gas station in Llardecans (1.27 euros) and the most expensive, in alfes, at 1,534 euros.

And in Tarragona, the cheapest gasoline is sold by GM Oil gas stations in Tarragona, Bonarea in the same town and in Valls, at 1,388 euros. The most expensive ones carry the Eni brand and are found in L’Hospitalet de L’Infatn and L’Aldea, at 1,679 euros. As for diesel, the lowest price is at the MKT Oil and Seroil pumps in Vila-Seca, with a liter of 1,269 euros. The highest prices are found at the unbranded service station in the Riuclar industrial estate (1.6 euros).


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