‘We’re hoping it’s temporary’; Wildlife sanctuary not accepting some bird species

The Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is no longer accepting certain birds into the sanctuary over growing concerns of H5N1, otherwise known as avian flu.

Owner Brian Salt tells CTV News that the center is trying to protect the wildlife currently in their care, and the center’s volunteers.

“It’s not only for protection in the community but also we’re trying to help eradicate the virus,” said Salt.

The species include temporarily not accepted at Salthaven:

  • water fowl
  • shorebirds
  • corvids
  • songbirds
  • Scavengers

Meantime, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency reported Tuesday that Ontario’s most recent case of H5N1 is in a poultry farm near Wingham, Ont.

It’s the nineteenth case of influenza found in Ontario.

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