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It’s as close to $2 for a liter of gas as it can get without it being $2.

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Across the GTA on Monday morning, most stations were posting their gas prices at $1.99.9.

It’s just as Gas Wizard Dan McTeague predicted.

“These are record highs,” says the former Liberal MP.

Sadly, more records could come. But probably not yet.

“That’s it for now,” predicts McTeague. “The world is realizing that dumping on fossil fuels may trigger a global recession.”

But he makes no promises for the first long weekend of summer.

“There’s room for a 10% increase up to and around the May 24 weekend,” he said.

The increases always seem to come when it’s time to pack the kids in the car and head out camping, to the cottage or down the highway for a long weekend. And for summer vacation season. Gas prices are a complicated matter that come from a variety of global factors that include supply and demand, wars and environmental restrictions. But domestic policy plays a role in it as well.

“Yes, the government is to blame for high gas prices,” tweeted federal Conservative leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre. “Oil is globally priced, but what we pay at the pump is up because of high taxes and a low dollar.”

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Poilievre says that more than 50 cents of that almost $2 charged in the GTA goes back to the “tax man” — whether it’s through regular taxes or ones built into fight carbon and climate change.

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In April, Premier Doug Ford, as the toronto sun‘s Brian Lilley reported, promised a new plan where “the provincial tax on gasoline would fall from 14.7 cents per liter to just nine cents, while the tax on jet fuel would also drop to nine cents from 14.3 cents per liter.”

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The Canadian Press said this relief was to kick in July 1 and run through until the end of the year.

“The people of Ontario and across the country have just been getting gouged, day in and day out,” Ford said at the time. “You see the gas prices, just skyrocketing, unprecedented prices. And it’s about time that the government starts putting money back into the people’s pocket instead of the government’s pocket.”

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