Warmer weather on the horizon for Sask.


After a long winter Saskatchewan residents finally saw some warm weather on Sunday.

Environment Canada said the prairies should see more spring like temperatures heading into the week.

“Starting Monday or Tuesday, we’ll start seeing temperatures climb above freezing, and it will probably stay that way at least at least for the next seven to ten days,” said Brad Vrolijk, a lead forecaster for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

While the nicer weather is encouraging, Vrolijk said to still expect some hazardous conditions.

“We’re moving back towards potentially seeing kind of a wintry mix either rain or snow or some freezing rain,” said Vrolijk.

Harley Sinclair is the community outreach director with the Regina Disc Golf Association and has been taking advantage of the nice weather.

“It’s a beautiful day,” said Sinclair. “These days with no wind don’t happen a lot around here and we all wanted to get out and enjoy a good round of disc golf.”

Sinclair adds the prairie weather makes it more important to get outside when you can.

“Especially being in a place where winter takes up a lot of the year a lot of people don’t get the time to go outside,” said Sinclair, “so when nice day comes around like this we make it a priority to get outside enjoy it.”

Evan Drader is the vice president of the Regina Disc Golf Association and echoes the importance of physical activity.

“Everyone needs to get out at least that half an hour to an hours worth of the day and the best way to do it is outside,” said Drader.

Winter sport enthusiasts like James and Jocelyn Parker are doing what they can before the snow melts, including cross country skiing.

“We figured tomorrow might be the last day because it’s going up to eight degrees on Wednesday,” said James Parker, “so that’s what we have to take advantage of while we can.”

He said the recent cold spell has not been ideal for cross country skiing.

“The last couple of weeks have been really brutal so we haven’t skied as much as we like,” said James Parker. “We figured we only have a couple more days so we wanted to take advantage of it and it was great.”

Vrolijk adds the winter conditions are only temporary and residents can expect a beautiful spring.

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