Wall Street falls sharply and the Nasdaq records its worst month since October 2008

The three main stock indices of the US market suffered sharp falls in the negotiations this Friday. The investors of wall street closed positions amid growing disappointment over quarterly figures from tech giants and a sharp rise in monthly inflation.

Disappointed by the numbers from Amazon.com and after expectations from Apple overshadowed a record quarterly result, the indices extended their losses in the fourth month. The negative performance of the index stood out nasdaqwhich with a movement of -13.26% recorded its worst month since October 2008.

The actions of amazon closed down 14% to levels not seen in two years after reporting that rising costs were reflected in their first-quarter results. The giant added that it expects to lose up to $1 billion in operating income for this quarter.

Apple Inc., for its part, presented a good report with record figures, but that did not serve to avoid contagion, to which a negative perspective of the company was added. The papers of this, the largest company in the market, registered a loss of 3.66%, which partially returned the strong profits of the day before.

Investors, on the other hand, reacted to inflation figures that showed prices accelerating to their highest monthly rate since 2005. Bets on a 50 basis point interest rate hike strengthened, which is also a factor against it. of shares considered growth.

Thus, the reference index S&P 500 of the 500 main stations lost in the session -3.63% with 4,131.93 points; the dow jonesof 30 industrial giants, -2.77% to 32,977.21 points, while the nasdaqwhich has a high weight of companies in the technology sector, lost -4.17% to a level of 12,334.64 units.

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