Von der Leyen golpea al PP y apoya por escrito a Sánchez por la gestion de los fondos europos

  • The President of the Commission congratulated the Socialist Leader on the “satisfactory compliment“of the 52 hits and goals compromised with Brussels

  • The Executive Executive applaud that Spain continues with its reform program, “including the labor market“, if you vote for this game

The President of the Gobierno receives a caption from the European Commission’s Jefa, the conservator Ursula von der Leyen, at a moment of furious criticism of the PP for the management of European funds, the gates of the elections in Castile and Leon. The Executive Communicator congratulated on the map to Pedro Sánchez on the “satisfactory compliment“de los 52 first hits and objectives compromises with Brussels and will allow the December of the first 10,000 million of recovery plan.

Map of Ursula von der Leyen and Pedro Sánchez (January 25, 2022) to congratulate the management of European funds.

Carta de Ursula von der Leyen and Pedro Sánchez

La misiva [aquí en PDF] has been closed since January 25, encumbered by an affective “dear Pedro“(” Pedro querido “) was written by Von der Leyen and titled his child and the letter. the good fortune of the Asphalt Coalition Executive paving the way for the release of the first 10,000 million, and for all Spain is converted, recorded, in the first State member to receive the first place, after the pre-financing (9,000 million euros) paid in August. “It’s a significant logarithm that shows the quality of plan [de recuperación] Spain and the excellent cooperation between the Spanish authorities and the services of the Commission “, writes.

Von der Leyen agradece a Sánchez que le haya remitido the first information on the implementation of the recovery plan. Document, dice, “muy welcome“,” as transparency and y account rendition. I would like to continue with the good and provocative collaboration for the application of the Spanish recovery and resilience plan “. This is a key point: at the Congress.

Von der Leyen’s card was received with enthusiasm by the Executive. At the end of the day, the Jefa of the Commission is of the political family of Pablo Casado, a member of the European Popular Party, and so much so that he is not in trouble. Brussels, pues, recognizes that Spain is complete, that it is the first of the class, and that it does not observe at the moment that the Haga suspects a poor ejaculation of the funds. In six years, the country will have access to a total of 69,500 million euros in transfers, and others so in prestige, aún no solicitados.

The PP has unveiled a strenuous campaign against the Government over a range of Next Generation funds, dice, sectario, “a dedo”, and has sought to alleviate the gloom of corruption. Last week, just before the day that Von der Leyen signed the congratulatory card in Sanchez, the conservators questioned the mechanisms of control of the Commission and the time to evaluate the compliment of Spain in order to access the remedies, yes, the peace presents economic data that its societies. In a meeting with periodicals, a black macroeconomic scenario will be announced and the “opacity“of the Executive with the public accounts and charges against the management of the European aid.

More than ever, the commission’s Deputy President of the Economic Affairs of the Commission, Isabel Benjumea, will be represented by the popular economist Valdis Dombrovskis. It asks about the mechanisms that will be put in place in Brussels in order to know the real figures for the implementation of the funds, and the Community leader will respond by recalling that the money will be released by completing inversions and reforms, and enforces the CE verification. As for the dome of Casado, Dombrovskis did not respond exactly to the question, and it is a proof that the EU Executive is controlling “little”.

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This same moon, very familiar with the map of Von der Leyen, adelantada by ‘Al rojo vivo’ (La Sexta)Casado insisted that the Gobierno had a “deduction” of funds, and that, as proof that the socialist benefits were awarded: of the funds funded to local entities for a tourism program, the PSOE benefited, denunciation, and a 46%, while the corporations of the PP have received 20.50%, and the 31.72% of the remaining money have been allocated to governing entities by other parties, in its “large majority” the companies that respond to the Executive. The Madrilean president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resigned from the Supreme Court (first presented to the National Audience, by mistake), amounting to millions of euros in four communities. This adjudication will take place the rest of autonomy, explained the Moncloa, because it is a pilot project.

This month, Ayuso followed Casado’s strategy: the PP has “its lack of opposition”. Subrayó that at no time has she questioned “the governor of Spain to manage the European funds” peri sí “echa en falta transparency and dialogue criteria with the distinctions administrations “. Además, la dirigente conservadora critó los”very authoritative tints“of the Central Executive.


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