Vinicius returns the smile to Real Madrid in Elche

  • Victory suffered by Real Madrid in Elche (1-2) to regain the path of victory

  • The Brazilian forward already has 7 goals this season after the double against Elche

Ancelotti has a road map and the visit to Elche hid surprises: ownership of Mariano and rotations. The Real Madrid jumped to Martinez Valero with five Brazilians (Marcelo, Militao, Casemiro, Rodrygo and Vinicius) in an eleven that refreshed the legs of the starters and the self-esteem of the substitutes. Mariano’s presence was especially striking and the Spanish-Dominican more than justified his inclusion with good movements and delicious assistance to Vinicius in the first goal. There were also victims such as Hazard, to which Carletto has opened the exit door, or Jovic, who saw how Mariano won the title the day he Benzema earned a break.

Jumped the Elche willing to replicate Osasuna’s approach or Sheriff. But this time Ancelotti had done his homework, diversifying the Madrid offensive flow. Rodrygo gave the reply to Vinicius, until he was injured, Mariano showed class and initiative and the trivote was seen in the area arriving in the second line. A start that heralded a placid duel if he scored fast. And he did, unblocking the scoreboard at 22 minutes, with a heel from Mariano and a goal from Vinicius confirming his maturity in front of the door.

Goal and sleep

However, Elche did not throw in the towel and put a solvent in trouble Courteous. Vinicius’ goal let the Madridistas lethargic, who napped to the despair of their coach. The people of Elche forgave some ‘left over’ from Alaba and the inattentions of the sides. Boyé, Lucas Pérez, Pastore & mldr; The 0-1 at halftime was misleading and debatable on its merits.

The clash resumed without news, neither sports nor strategic. Ancelotti had to raise the tone in the talk at halftime because Real Madrid came out more incisive, more aggressive. But the clash on the wire continued, with Elche looking for the jaw of the whites with tickets on the wing. And before that attitude Carletto he reinforced the flanks with Carvajal and Mendy, which the team appreciated. In addition to being benefited by the expulsion of Guti, minute 63, after stopping and seeing the second yellow. The Real Madrid instantly regained the ball and calm.

From Vinicius to Casemiro

Escrivá reacted by getting more nervous with Pipe Blessed and more legs with Gumbau by Pastore. Real Madrid speculated until it appeared again Vinicius with another spark. An inconsequential ball in the spinal cord that accelerated Kroos with a pass to Modric, who filtered a ball for the Brazilian, who made a self-pass and finished off with the outside of the right. With an astonishing tranquility and a solvency in the area worthy of Romario.

A great goal that certified the triumph of the Madridistas, who despite their latest setbacks were momentarily leaders with this victory. The rude mistake of housemiro that ended in a goal of Milla it put emotion and complicated the end to those of Ancelotti. The whites recover their smile thanks to a Vinicius in a state of grace. Real Madrid has become an efficient team that is worth its lead punch (Benzema and Vinicius) to lead the League.

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Elche, 1 – Real Madrid, 2

Elche: Kiko Casilla (4); Palacios (5), Enzo Roco (5), Bigas (5), Mojica (5); Raúl Guti (5), Mascarell (5); Fidel (6), Pastore (7), Lucas Pérez (6); Lucas Boyé (7). Changes Benedetto (5) for Lucas Perez, Gumbau (5) for Pastore, Josan (5) for Fidel, Milla (7) for Mascarell and Marconi (5) for Lucas Boyé.

Fran Escrivá (5)

Real Madrid: Courtois (6); Lucas Vázquez (5), Militao (7), Alaba (5), Marcelo (6); Casemiro (4), Modric (6), Kroos (7); Rodrygo (7), Mariano (7), Vinicius (9). Changes Asensio (5) for Rodrygo, Carvajal (6) for Lucas, Mendy (5) for Marcelo, Camavinga (5) for Modric and Hazard (5) for Vinicius

Ancelotti (7)

Referee: From Burgos Bengoechea. Guti expelled for a double yellow (64 ‘)

Goals0-1, Vinicius (22′); 0-2, Vinicius (72′); 1-2, Milla (85′)

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