VIDEO | Radical Barça fans attack the Mossos d’Esquadra

  • The recording to which this newspaper has had access has an audio from the station in which the conversations of the riot police prior to the response that is ordered “on the run” can be heard

Dozens of radical fans of the FC Barcelona attacked on Thursday afternoon a group of riot police from the ‘Mobile Brigade’ (brimo) of the Mossos d’Esquadra, according to Catalan police sources. The events happened moments before the start of the match that the Blaugrana team played against Galatasaray Turkish in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Europe League. Three vans of agents parked in front of the access to the Camp Nou of the Travessera de Les Corts they suffered fireworks, stones and sticks being thrown, according to a video captured by a witness from an elevated balcony, or perhaps from the stadium.

The images also show how some of the firecrackers and flares launched against the police exceed the vans and fall on viewerscompletely unprotected, who at that moment enter the Barcelona stadium.

The video to which this newspaper has had access also has the audio recording of the Catalan police stations. In this recording, the person in charge of the attacked police group is heard informing his superior, how the latter tells him to act if he has sufficient “force” – alluding to whether he considers that he has enough troops to repel the radicals – and, finally, the police charge is seen “on the run” to dissuade them.

In a few seconds, the fans who attacked them flee through the Bacardí gardens in Barcelona. Minutes later, agents of the Barcelona Urban Guard found wooden sticks with knives embedded in one end and held with insulating tape as a spear. The homemade weapon, which the municipal police has delivered to the autonomous body, would have been transferred to those gardens with the intention of using it against the police, presumably. A possibility that, however, the Mossos cannot confirm yet.

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The Catalan police have opened an investigation to clarify the facts and identify the suspects. So far, there has been no no detention. Sources consulted by this newspaper show their concern about the virulence of the altercation and, in addition to the material they used to attack the riot police, draw attention to the clothing worn by all the attackers – black clothes – which they had already used in previous games. .

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