• A user has recorded with her phone the aggression suffered by security employees yesterday, Sunday morning, at Pep Ventura line 2 station

  • This Monday he has gone to court and has been released on charges of a crime of injury

The Mossos d’Esquadra They arrested this Sunday at 8:00 in the morning a woman who assaulted two security guards. It caused one of them head injuries that required stitches. The events occurred in the Metro station of Pep Ventura of Line 2 and were recorded by another user from the opposite platform. This Monday the woman has gone to court and, after giving a statement, she has been released with charges. The case remains open for a crime of injuries.

For reasons that will be investigated, a couple of users violently confronted two security guards. The agents focused on reducing the man, 27 years old. During the struggle with him, one of the guards lost his club. The 35-year-old woman grabbed her and attacked the two officers, hitting them repeatedly on the headas can be seen in the video captured on her phone by a user who also later gave a statement to the Catalan police.

In the video it is also seen that when one of the guards can get away from the man, he goes to the woman, trips her and knocks her down to reduce her. With the two people restrained, the Mossos were notified, who heard the version of the guards and testimonies such as the author of the video published by this newspaper and proceeded to arrest the woman for a crime of injuries and to investigate his companion, the man with whom they struggle in the images, for the same crime.

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Sergio Sanchezadvisor of Union DNA of Security and Services of Catalonia, explained that the incidents began when this couple, who was drunk, stopped the service, apparently to prevent any of them from missing the metro. This weekend was celebrated in Badalonathe city to which the Pep Ventura station belongs, the Maig Festivities.

You should put a policeman in the control center and grant the vigilantes the rank of apeople of authority being under his command. Without that, it is very difficult for people to respect us and behave,” lamented Sánchez.

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