‘Venga Juan’: the descent into hell of a corrupt politician

The despicable and pathetic Juan Carrasco, whom we met in the first batches of the TNT series, ‘Vote Juan’ and ‘Vamos Juan’, he returns with his unfortunate adventures in ‘Come on Juan’, although now it does en HBO Max, platform that offers the eight episodes, on Sunday 28. In this third season, darker, blacker, We witness the descent into hell of a Carrasco who at first we see as insolently successful, but whom the return of his past from corrupt mayor in Logroño carries enter prison.

In the two previous installments, the character, played so masterfully by Javier Cámara, had been mayor of the Riojan capital, Minister and had tried assemble your own party, and in this third it appears living large as a manager of a gas company thanks to the famous revolving doors about politic. He lives in a luxury development, he drives a car and, most importantly, he has achieved his big dream, his obsession: has been grafted 4,000 hair follicles In Turkey, his gleaming bald head is now a thing of the past. “One thinks that by putting on 4,000 or 5,000 follicles, life will be wonderful. And it only changes your physique a bit. But for him it is very important & rdquor; Camera explains.

A ‘thriller’ beat

However, happiness does not last long in Juan’s house, because some papers come to light in which he is implicated in a case of municipal corruption. And that’s when he realizes something that his selfishness had prevented him from seeing: he has no one to lean on. His wife (Yaël Belicha) and his daughter (Etsy Quesada, I’m a pringada) they have abandoned him, and his faithful director of communication, Macarena (María Pujalte), has remade her life. With what will go through an ordeal in solitude, explained with rhythm of ‘thriller’, countdown. “We wanted to take our hero, who is pathetic, ridiculous and despicable, hand in hand with a truly dramatic conflict. Leave him alone and reflect. IF this man can reflect & rdquor ;, comments the actor.

The screenwriter Diego San José (‘Eight Basque surnames’, ‘Superlópez’), ‘showrunnerand creator from the original HBO Max series, produced by The Mediapro Studio, explains that this is not made to crush politicians, but to reflect on them. “When a politician is accused of corruption, we wonder what happens to his environment. And we have had to leave him more alone than ever. But that’s where the drama works and lets you empathize with isl & rdquor ;, he says. “Because if everything went well for him, he would become an unpleasant person.” And that’s what saves the character and loves him: “You take him affection despite the fact that what he does is atrocious & rdquor ;, acknowledges the screenwriter.

A dramatic comedy

According to Saint Joseph, ‘Venga Juan’ is “a comedy in spite of himself & rdquor;. “It wants to be a drama, but it’s all so sloppy, so clumsy, so crappy, that even if you don’t want to, it ends up being comedy,” he says. But a serious comedy, to which they have removed jokes and gags to delve into the protagonist’s pain. “Giving up some jokes to make everything seem more realistic, and there are moments of pain, makes when have laughs, these are better& rdquor ;, he assures. And that works thanks to Javier Cámara : “One of those actors who makes you laugh, but in the next sequence he can make you cry. Because he can be taken very seriously by doing drama. And we have been promoting that & rdquor ;, he says.

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In the excellent cast, they also repeat Adam Jezierski, the faithful employee; Joaquín Climent, like the implacable Vallejo, and Christopher Suarez, that gives life to the charismatic Recalde. They are joined Manolo Solo (‘Late to anger’), Ramon Barea (‘Rosa’s wedding’) and Eduardo Blanco (‘The son of the bride’). The San José team joins Diego Soto and Pilar Palomero. Also, as he did in ‘Vamos Juan’ – fiction that has just been rreceive an Ondas award for the best series, along with ‘Fagot lost’, both from TNT-, Camera repeats as director of a capsule episode: the one in which Juan Carrasco, in his desperate escape from prison, asks political asylum at the Embassy of Argentina. “In ‘Vamos Juan’ they insisted that I direct a chapter and I had a great time. It has been a lesson that I do not pay for in any school & rdquor ;, assures the actor.


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