Vancouver-based charity raises nearly $100K for people in Ukrainian city captured by Russian troops

The Ukrainian city of Kherson was captured by Russian troops at the start of the invasion and people still living there need help.

That’s where Vancouver-based charity Obakki Foundation comes in. The organization has a long history of supporting grassroots projects and now it’s helping people in Kherson.

Treena Peake is the owner and founder. She said through Airbnb listings in the city she was able to make contact with local business owners and hospitality operators, who have set up a hotline for citizens who need help.

“People can call in and say they need medicine or they need food or they need assistance and so these guys are going out on a daily basis, literally risking their lives, going into all these different regions,” Peake said. “It’s a local group of heroes, essentially.”

After running the group through a vetting process, Peake was able to establish a way of sending money directly to them through her foundation so those who contribute can receive tax receipts. The money is used to by food, insulin and other essential supplies.

On Thursday, Peake posted the project on her website and Instagram, and donations started coming in. Nearly $100,000 has been raised so far.

“In 48 hours, we’ve had hundreds of people donate and today this group on the ground is out delivering food and medicine and water to the most vulnerable in the region,” she said. “It’s a direct connection to people who are on the ground right now.”

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