US FTC puts magnifying glass on logistics crisis

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said Monday that it is investigating whether supply chain disruptions are affecting consumers with higher prices, and ordered Walmart Inc, and other major food suppliers to provide detailed information about the situation.

The study’s goals will be to determine whether supply chain problems have caused particular bottlenecks, anti-competitive practices or higher prices, the agency said in a statement. It comes as the Biden administration battles rising inflation amid concerns that supply chain problems in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic are driving up consumer prices.

On the other hand, yesterday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon praised the Biden administration’s efforts to ease supply chain bottlenecks as the holiday season progresses, noting that the decision to extend the Port hours was having a positive impact. on the flow of goods.

“We are seeing progress. Delays at the port and traffic are improving,” McMillon told President Joe Biden during a meeting at the White House.

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