US Congress seeks swift approval of a bill that prevents government shutdown

Washington.- The United States Congress, controlled by Democrats, will try this Wednesday to approve a temporary financing of the activities of the agencies, with the aim of avoiding the partial shutdown of the federal government as of Saturday, according to legislative advisers.

The exact duration of the temporary funding has yet to be determined, which, according to sources, will likely be available until mid-to-late January.

The House of Representatives and the Senate have until midnight on Friday to renew temporary legislation that maintains government operations, ranging from national parks and air traffic control to military pay and medical research.

Passing the money bill would give Democratic leaders more time to grapple in the coming weeks with an increase in Washington’s borrowing capacity, and separate legislation to invest about $ 1.75 trillion to expand social services. and fight against climate change.

If passed this week, the second extension would also give Democrats and Republicans more time to resolve their differences over the 12 regular annual appropriation bills, which fund “discretionary” federal programs for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1. .

The bills could total about $ 1.5 trillion and do not include funding for mandatory programs, like the Social Security retirement plan, which are automatically renewed.

The fact that Congress did not complete any of those bills has necessitated temporary funding legislation.

One of the congressional advisers said the new bill would include emergency funds to help resettle Afghan refugees following the withdrawal of US troops in August after nearly 20 years of combat operations in that country.

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