Understanding the Impact of a DUI Conviction on Your Life

If you’re facing a DUI charge right now, don’t waste another moment. Securing legal representation must be a top priority. The goal is to overcome the charge and avoid a conviction. If you don’t life won’t be the same for a long time – possibly never the same again. Here’s what is likely to happen if you are convicted of driving under the influence. 

Time Served and Other Immediate Consequences

In the short term, a conviction will lead to several events. You’re likely to spend some amount of time behind bars. There’s also the possibility of remaining on probation for a period of time. There will be fines and court costs to pay. Along the way, you can kiss your driving privileges goodbye, at least for a time. 

You may also be ordered to undergo court-approved classes related to safe driving. If you have a history of substance abuse, participating in some type of support or therapy group may be part of the terms for remaining free on parole. Remember that even after you comply with all the court’s requirements, the consequences of the conviction will often continue. 

Paying Higher Auto Insurance Rates

Things will change with your auto insurance. In some cases, the current provider will choose to not renew your coverage. At other times, you may find the rates increase by a significant amount. 

Going to a different provider may allow you to secure auto insurance, but your status as a high-risk driver will mean paying a lot more no matter where you go. That circumstance is likely to remain in place for a long time. In the interim, those higher premiums will be something you have to live with from one period to the next. 

The Effect on Your Credit

You may find that it’s more difficult to obtain loans or credit cards once you have a DUI conviction on your record. That’s because it’s considered a criminal conviction. For better or worse, some creditors will place you in a higher risk category for that reason. 

Assuming you are approved, expect to pay a higher rate of interest and possibly not be eligible for some of the terms that were easy to get in the past. Like the change in your ability to command competitive rates for auto insurance, it will take years for your credit worthiness to return to the same level. 

And the Change in Your Career Prospects

If you’re able to keep your job, be glad. It may be the only one you’ll ever have in the future. Depending on the type of work that you do, qualifying for promotions will be out of the question. At best, you may continue to receive pay raises from time to time. 

While this may change over time, don’t hold your breath. With some types of work, the conviction will permanently disqualify you from positions that involved access to proprietary data or certain types of security clearance. 

These are only some of the DUI effects that you may face with a conviction on your record. Seek legal help now and find out if there’s any way to get the charges dismissed. If so, you might still have a chance to preserve your future. 

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