‘Unbelievable to me’: Mattea Roach takes 21st ‘Jeopardy!’ win tuesday

Nova Scotia’s “Jeopardy!” champion Mattea Roach won her from her 21st game Tuesday night.

The 23-year-old tutor, who grew up with a fascination for atlases, is no longer tied for fifth place with Julia Collins for the most consecutive games won on the show. In fact, she holds that place all to herself now.

Roach took an additional $29,599 Tuesday, upping her total earnings to $506,584.

In an interview with CTV News, Roach says she still isn’t sure exactly what she will do with earnings however, she has a few ideas of what she would like to do.

“My hope is that I’ll be able to invest the majority of it and then look at, you know, either setting myself up either to go to graduate school, professional school, without really taking on more debt,” she says.

Answering the question many of her viewers are wondering, Roach says despite not knowing what her future has in store, law school is a strong possibility for her next venture.

“But I’m not committing to anything just yet,” she adds.

She faced off against Angela Kissner, an educational consultant from Akron, OH, and Envir Casimir, a history teacher from San Francisco, CA

According to the “Jeopardy!” daily box scoreRoach attempted to buzz in 38 times and was successful 33 times, for a success rate of 87 per cent.

She had 31 correct responses, for a correct rate of 89 per cent in regular play.

Throughout Roach’s 21 appearances on the show, she has answered 92 per cent of questions correctly.

Roach’s fan club grew rapidly throughout the region, and she says she noticed it before her first game aired.

“Without having seen me play one game, imagine how people are going to react to when I get up to, you know, 20 wins,” says Roach.

Roach, who is originally from Halifax but now lives in Toronto, first applied to be on the long-running game show in 2020. This January, she was invited to Los Angeles to tape an episode.

“The fact that I was then so successful is still like unbelievable to me,” she says.

Tuesday’s “Final Jeopardy!” featured the Canadian national anthem, leading Roach to wager $4,999.

Roach will attempt her 22nd win Wednesday night.

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