UNAM Culture does not describe the inclusive language

Pospandemia and pospatriarcado seran dos ejes coyunturales en la gestión de la novelista, cuentista, ensayista, traductora, catedrática y académica Rosa Beltrán Álvarez al frente de la Coordinación de Difusión Cultural de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de caro offici el pasado lunes en relevo del también escritor Jorge Volpi Escalante.

This March, in a meeting with the media of communication, the new coordinator of UNAM Culture abounds on these points, but on top of everything in the post-patriarchy, he said, there is one that causes the most ruin.

“It has to do with diversity, inclusion, equality, the new masculinity, with ways of thinking in a distinct way, analyzing and studying the machinations that are not the privacy of men: both women and a millennial culture heredada and what we are looking for ”, declared statement.

For this reason, the patriarchy will be a constant in the first instance of the months of discussion that will impede UNAM Culture and, by this very effect, the visibility of new forms of unifying diversity.

About his feminist vision indicates that “in a primary instance can result exclusively for men and from the lie that it is not: invite that we think we have lived now and why we have so many problems and so much gender violence in the world”.

The tongue is a living organism, can not be controlled

At the beginning of the exchange with representatives of the cultural source, Rosa Beltrán employs the inclusive language and the doubling of the same. For this purpose the consultation and these forms of expression will be a constant of its administration in Culture UNAM.

I would like to make it clear that from the point of view of philosophical vision and knowledge, I think the theme of inclusive language is important and can not be described as a plume. Including as a humanist theme, it is important to think about it in binary and from the point of view of literary life, much more. If it’s a form of including others, stay tuned ”.

As an integral part of the Mexican Academy of Lengua, Beltrán Álvarez stated that within the interior of this institution there is a natural discrepancy in themes such as the mention, since the language is a living organism and the AML has no objective to control, contain, normalize or “Meterla en diccionarios a criterio de cada uno un sus integrants oa nuestro gusto y voluntad. I believe that the language is what we are going to say if it responds to the effervescence of a moment ”.

Diversity versus Confrontation

Asimismo, the Doctor of Comparative Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) stated that the UNAM should follow the position that concludes, concludes and expresses the different differences of diversity; nevertheless, it is agreed that the narratives of shock, confrontation and violence in the country and in the world “are one of the greatest crimes of our time and are contrary to the spirit of the university”.

Junto with the violence expressed that exists in the world and in the country, has a violent discourse is one of the things that most of us despise the hopes and the spirit. Quisiera recovers his experiences alive in the discussion at the university and academic center of the term within the cultural management ”.

Rosa Beltrán, UNAM Cultural Diffusion Coordinator.

Ahondó that the discourse confronter, aunado to the actual sanitary emergence, “he mined our physical strengths and our hopes. This sums up the illness, the death, the example and all the secondary effects of the pandemic (…) but it is the moment to end with this girl and her distance, and to end also with the discourse of confrontation ”.

For this, he stated that his management would consolidate various of the impulsive programs by Jorge Volpi, which had a “impeccable” rating, all about a cultural management that during two years of pandemic expansion on the action radio and the ability to incite in the public opinion.

“The university has the privilege of working in an interinstitutional manner and allows the concept of culture to be no more dictated by the markets,” he said.

With what operation?

The bill for 2022, Beltrán Álvarez’s response to The Economist, will be 45 million 764,000 pesos, in addition to an approximation of 30 million for special projects, a figure similar to the one he received in the last three years.

Although there has been a resurgence of inflation, fundamental elements have been established for the cultural diffusion of a university institution like this. This is the case of the papel’s price, “the one who, from that point on, diminished this fact that in appearance appears to be the mist”.

Adelantó that in brief will present, firstly to the interior and most delayed public manner, the details of his work plan. For now, get in touch with the Distinguished Areas and the 15 other countries related to UNAM Culture.

Contributions to the administration of Volpi:

  • Creation of the Consultative Council of Young People in 2017
  • Launch of UNAM Culture Points in 2019
  • Foundation in 2017 of the Academia de Música Antigua (AMA)
  • Juvenile Contemporary Dance Company (DAJU), in 2018
  • Periodic Investigation Unit (UIP), in 2019
  • Laboratory of Cultural Initiatives, in 2017
  • Creation in 2019 of the Academic Unit
  • Gender Unity and Inclusion (2018)
  • Implementation of the Vindictas project (2019)

Three new cathedrals in 2020:

  • Extraordinary Cathedral Carlos Fuentes de Hispanoamericana
  • Castario Extraordinaria Rosario Castellanos de Arte y Género
  • Câtedra Internacional Inés Amor in Cultural Management

Hubo new festivals:

  • Música Contra el Olvido (2017)
  • Vertical. Experimentación y Vanguardia (2017)
  • International Book Fair of Universities and Universities (Filuni) (2017)
  • El Aleph. Art and Science Festival (2017)

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