Ukraine’s accession to the EU is a matter of “war and peace” in Europe, says foreign minister

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kulebaaffirmed this Tuesday that the accession of his country to the European Union (EU) is a matter of “war and peace” on the European continent.

“I want to stress that Ukraine’s membership in the EU is a matter of war and peace in Europe,” Kuleba told a news conference in kyiv alongside his German counterpart, annalena baerbockwho gave his support to Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Kuleba considered that “one of the reasons why this war started is that (the Russian president, Vladimir) Putin was convinced that Europe did not need Ukraine“.

Kuleba also welcomed the “change in position” of Germany regarding his initial opposition to the embargo on imports of russian oil and the delivery of military material to the kyiv government.

“I would like to thank Germany for its change of position on various issues. Germany changed its position on arms delivery to Ukraine… and announced the start of a new policy towards Russia,” he said.

Kuleba highlighted in particular “support for the start of an oil embargo” by Germany on Russian imports of crude oil.

Baerbock announced that Germany would reopen its embassy in kyiv, closed shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Initially, the legation will have “a minimal presence,” he specified.

Earlier, Baerbock visited towns in the kyiv suburbs where Ukrainians accuse the Russians of committing atrocities against civilians.

“This is a place where one of the worst crimes imaginable has been committed and that is why it was so important for me to be here today,” Baerbock said in Bucha, where dozens of bodies were found after the departure of the police. russian troops.

“We can bring about justice … As an international community, we can collect evidence so that the guilty are held accountable,” he said, according to images broadcast by German television networks.

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