Telecinco broadcasts tonight, at 10:00 p.m., a new installment of ‘The island of temptations’. On this occasion, the bonfires are lit again. The passing days have increased the complicity and connections between several of the protagonists and their favorite singles. Their attitudes and their words focus the new bonfires that boys and girls face in this sixth installment.

In the case of the boys, what is most striking in the images they see during the ceremony are some testimonies from their partners in their relationship with singles. Darío is especially affected when he learns of Sandra’s betrayal before starting the experience in the Dominican Republic, taking their relationship to the limit.

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The bonfire of the girls, meanwhile, leaves the protagonists speechless, who feel an even greater disappointment regarding the behavior of their partners. In addition, the penalty imposed on Zoe after her irruption in the bonfire of the boys represents a substantial change in her passage through ‘The island of temptations’.

In addition, the inhabitants of both towns enjoy new appointments and Tania is excited about the letter that Stiven has left her after being banned and having to leave Villa Paraíso for 24 hours. Rosario, for her part, approaches Suso again after spending the day with Simone; and Gal·la and Sandra enjoy another night with their favorite singles. At Villa Playa, Nico continues to get carried away with Miriam.

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