Turkey, midway between Ukraine and Russia

  • Erdogan, who has good relations with Zelenski and Putin, is traveling to Kiev to help ease tensions and mediate between the two leaders

The major crisis between Ukraine and Russia has obliged all cases in Europe to take part. Hay, without embarrassment, a notable exception. La Turkey by Recep Tayyip Erdogan resists positioning. And not only that: the Turkish president has been personally reprimanded for mediate between Volodímir Zelenski y Vladimir Putin, his Ukrainian and Russian homologues. The two songs he gave welcome to the initiativealthough Russia is not very enthusiastic about the idea.

Erdogan has promised to travel his Jews to Kiev to meet with Zelenski and hopes that Putin’s finals will travel to Ankara.

The President of Turkey years cultivating this equidistant position respect to the two slave lands. The Turkish leader presumes to be very strong good personal relationship with both presidents-Putin including the llama friend and husband when it reunites – and, while selling its drones and armaments to Ukraine -algo that molests in Russia-, negotiates with Moscow the future of the conflicts of Libya and Syriain addition to firms, armaments, tourism and energy companies, vital to Turkey.

“Since 2016, Erdogan has been disillusioned with his ability to play with Russia against the OTAN to obtain concessions from its allies in the transatlantic alliance. The Ukrainian crisis, without embargo, puts the Turkish president’s strategy on fire, because it’s difficult to achieve a balanced relationship between the two countries “, explains this diary Aykan Erdemirformer Turkish parliamentarian and director of the program dedicated to Turkey in the think tank estadounidense FDD.

“An escalation of this crisis in Ukraine could result in lost in both lads of the balance for a Turkey that is not capable of taking a clear position. This is one of the reasons “because Erdogan was forced to mediate between Russia and Ukraine,” he added.

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Turkey wants to avoid, like sea, Kiev and Moscow going to war. “If there is a conflict, Ankara will tend to take over difficult decisionsespecially if it allows you to open the maritime route Bosphorus Strait. In this case, for Ankara to be essentially avoided any confrontation with Moscow “, write in the media ‘Al Monitor’ the Turkish analyst Fehim Tastekin.

“Erdogan’s Governor has a long list of interests to consider, including the stability of the Strait and the Black Sea, the Akkuyu nuclear plant in the south of Turkey, which builds Russia; gas imports; the tourists Russians and Ukrainians; the Russian market is exported Turkish fruits and vegetables; the projects in Russia of Turkish constructors & mldr; “There are Turkish economic problems, all of which are crucial to Ankara,” Tastekin explained.

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And maybe another, one that the Ankara Executive wants to avoid at all costs. Turkey will not only suffer economically. La war in Syria vive congelada des hace dos aos, tras elto el fuego que Erdogan y Putin firmaron en invierno de 2020. Turquía y Rusia apoyan a actors actors in the serious conflict: Ankara a la armed opposition in Moscow Asad regime.

If Putin quizes castigate his Turkish homologue over his position in the conflict with Ukraine, the war in Syria ends reactivarse at any moment, when you can unload a new migration move the Turkish front.


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