Trudeau hints he will stay in office regardless of the outcome

The Liberal Leader Justin trudeau hinted he would stick around regardless of the outcome on Monday.

Visiting Ontario for a second day in a row, Mr. Trudeau said he has “not even finished all the great things” he wants to accomplish for Canadians, especially in the fight against climate change. , the creation of a national child care system and on gun control.

He said he was “extremely excited not just about the days to come, but the years to come together.”

The Liberal leader seemed optimistic as he was questioned about his political future and the possibility of a minority government in two days. He did not want to deviate from his message in this final sprint, which is to call on the progressives to rally behind the liberals in order to avoid the election of a conservative government.

Mr. Trudeau spends all day Saturday making stops in the greater Toronto area.

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