Transport services are reviewing their way of doing things

The rise in gas prices is having a hard time hitting transportation services, such as Letarte Transport in Drummondville, which is seeing its bills constantly increase.

In addition to having to pay more to fill the tanks of its trucks, the company must also pay more to actually procure the vehicles.

Since last year, the price of trucks has exploded (+30%), as has that of trailers (+60%). Tires also saw a 15% increase.

“Last year, you could buy trucks for $150,000. Today, there is nothing below $200,000,” said company president Louis Letarte.

The price of trailers too, which approached $45,000 last year, has exploded. Prices are now approaching $65,000.

And even if the company is in good health, many questions remain as to whether the situation will stabilize soon. No question of a short-term expansion, the company will have to stick to the basic expenses.

In an attempt to dodge this increase, the regional company is opting instead for the repair of used equipment, unlike buying new, as it has always done. The prices do not allow it.

Transport companies, like motorists, will continue to pay. Experts predict even higher increases.

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