total submission

I had never seen a cabinet, a party and legislators more submissive than those of the current government and Morena. Not even in the worst times of Echeverria, López Portillo or Salinas had there been so much submission to the presidential word.

In our country, the president has always been the strong man who has the last word, but in other times he was obliged to negotiate with the labor sector, the peasant organizations and the business chambers and he took into account the opinion of his own cabinet; in the current government there are no such counterweights and the only word that counts is that of the president.

The cabinet was the space for negotiation and the secretaries had a political importance that, with López Obrador, they have lost. López Obrador has gone over the law of public administration and has made a real mess of the government, assigning responsibilities to the Secretaries of State that have nothing to do with their function.

The most extreme case may be that of Marcelo Ebrard, who has practically no opinion on the country’s foreign relations, but is in charge of the purchase of vaccines and medicines and of immigration policy, which correspond, in accordance with the law, to the secretariats of Health and Government, respectively. If Ebrard had any dignity, which he does not have, he would have already resigned, the president has shattered our relationship with Spain, Austria, Panama, the European Union and the United States, in the face of the complicit silence of the secretary.

Another extreme case is that of the secretary of security, who is just an employee of the secretaries of Defense and the Navy and who, to fill her time, the president commissioned her to carry out vaccinations at the border and social days to sell the seized merchandise.

Something similar happens with the Secretariat of Communications and infrastructure, the ports are handled by the Marina, the Mayan Train, Fonatur, and the Felipe Ángeles airport and the next one in Tulum, La Defensa. The reality is that the cabinet practically does not exist.

Starting in 1997, we experienced a true division of powers for 21 years, which has ended with the total submission of Morena’s legislators to President López Obrador. It is true that the Legislative branch functioned for many years as an office of parties, but within the cabinet agreements were sought with businessmen, workers and peasants before sending the initiatives to Congress. Fortunately, Morena was prevented from having a qualified majority in the Chamber of Deputies, otherwise López Obrador would have already torn our Constitution to pieces.

In the case of the party in government, the submission is total, I have never seen a more submissive and unworthy president of a party than Mario Delgado, his speech reaches ignominy and fortunately it will be a factor of rupture and decline of Morena.

López Obrador does not listen, does not accept recommendations from anyone, he knows everything and since he was the one who won the votes, no one has the right to question him. If anyone dares to oppose him, he knows that his days are numbered; That is why the officials, the legislators and Morena do not go out to the media and have no public presence, their submission has made them disappear and they are only puppets of the president’s occurrences.

Demetrius Sodi

Mexican politician

from the pitch

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and delegation head of Miguel Hidalgo (2009-2012).

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