Tomará at least one year will have a solution for the 5G antennas near the EU airports

Problems related to the 5G antennas around the airports are resolving in a progressive manner, but once again a definite resolution of the situation is indicated, this indicates the Federal Administration of United States Aviation (FAA).

The agency also interferes with the new frequencies of the ultra-fast internet and those used by the important tools for the safety of the birds, the radio altimeters, in the case of low visibility.

The mobile phone operators Verizon y AT&T Acceptance of other media will enable the activation of 5G towers installed around some airport airports, thus avoiding a massive disruption of air traffic.

The majority of commercial aircraft are now authorized to operate in the majority of cases, but have problems with some aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Authority “is developing new normative” for radiometimeters and “it is possible that some current radiometrics” are not included in the plan, indicates the director of the entity, Steve Dickson, during a hearing in the Congreso estadounidense. Entonces, will be needed to replace.

Dickson also pointed out that the agency is trying to prove it in the case of antenna 5G no planteaba particular problems with the mobile phones which is not located in “avion mode” during flights.

Interrogated by the fact that the FAA has been doing so long before soliciting mediations to avoid security issues with the 5G frequency failure in the finals of 2021, Dickson recognizes that the coordination process between different actors “does not serve anyone “.

One of the main reasons, according to him, is that telecommunications companies are late in sharing with the FAA information that no one has left.

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