“To friends justice and grace”

President López Obrador frequently mentions a phrase that he attributes to Juárez: “To friends, justice and grace; to the enemies, the law to dry”.

I always thought it was a very unfortunate phrase from Benemérito, however, it is not proven that he said it, since Juárez, unlike López Obrador, never made concessions to his friends.

López Obrador has been implacable with his enemies and has gone above the law to collect grievances, such is the case of Rosario Robles whom he keeps in jail for having turned his back on him.

Something similar happens with the hatred towards Salinas whom, as a young man, he applauded and now constantly criticizes. He criticizes Salinas, but supports the main salinist neoliberal heritage, which was the commercial opening and the free trade agreement with the US and Canada. Former President Felipe Calderón will never forgive him for defeating him in 2006 and he lies when he says there was a fraud.

Nor does he forget the journalists and intellectuals who dared to criticize him on occasion, the media that closed their doors to him, or businessmen like Claudio X. González who rightly saw him as a danger to Mexico. He does not mess with Peña Nieto because he will have some arrangement and something must be known to him.

With his friends and family, on the contrary, he is all grace, not only did he ignore the videos of his brothers and tried to cover up his son’s use of influence, but he has turned a blind eye to accusations of corruption against Ana Gabriela Guevara, Marcelo Ebrard, Manuel Barttlet, Delfina Gómez, Eréndira Sandoval, Santiago Nieto, Julio Scherer, among others.

If they were their enemies they would already be behind bars, but since they are friends, for them grace and forgiveness are above the law. All these cases are scandalous, but none like that of prosecutor Gertz Manero, who should have been immediately removed from office by the president after the recordings were made public. The prosecutor is responsible for seeking justice for the people and after the recordings, he no longer has the credibility and respect of the citizens.

Never had a prosecutor, now a prosecutor, been as clumsy as Gertz Manero has been; We all knew of the subordination of the Court to the Executive power, but the way in which a prosecutor had referred to the ministers of the Court had never been so crude and coarse and we had never had a president of this, so submissive to the president of the Republic and several members of the government like the current one.

If they had any dignity they would have already resigned, but unfortunately in our country that dignity is very scarce among the majority of public officials. Gertz Manero cannot remain in his position and the president, if he really had a commitment to justice and above all to honesty, he should be removed.

With this case, not only Gertz Manero is exhibited, but above all President López Obrador, who makes clear his lack of personal ethics by putting grace for his friends and family above justice and honesty.

Demetrius Sodi

Mexican politician

from the pitch

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and delegation head of Miguel Hidalgo (2009-2012).

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