This is the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2021 | VIDEO

State Lotteries and Gambling has presented the announcement of the 2021 Christmas Lottery, which in this case has been carried out by BBDO Contrapunto. In the ad, a string of mysterious tenths is used to convey the message that “We share our luck with those we share our lives with.” [Los 5 anuncios más polémicos de la Lotería de Navidad: consulte aquí los vídeos]

The ad has been recorded in the Navarrese valley of Baztán and explores a chain of secret gifts, thus putting the focus on the ability to share. Imagine that they leave you a tenth with this note: Who would you like to do the same to? Well, this is precisely what the ad is about, which kicks off the race to Christmas. The objective of the characters is clear: that the circle of winners is as large as possible when the draw is held, distribute happiness.

Just six weeks from next December 22, date of the draw, this Thursday we have learned what the spot is like. The 2020 announcement focused on the Covid-19 pandemic with the slogan “Share as always, share as never before.”

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The raffle will distribute 70% of the ticket issuance in prizes, which is equivalent to 2,408 million euros.

The Jackpot of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw 2021 will be endowed with 400,000 euros to the tenth; the second prize, with 125,000, and the third, with 50,000. The amount of the tenth is still 20 euros.

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