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Starlite festival It is that place where something happens every night. In this case, those attending the session on Wednesday witnessed an immeasurable moment, that of Plácido Domingo and Marta Sánchez singing a duet, for the first time on stage, the anthem of Spain created by the singer from Madrid.

Attendees at the emblematic site of La Cantera de Nagüeles, in Marbella, lived with emotion this milestone that put the finishing touch to a splendid concert offered by Plácido Domingo with the soprano Saioa Hernández and the musical accompaniment of the Malaga Symphony Orchestra, masterfully directed by Eugene Kohn.

The musical appointment was scheduled to receive Plácido Domingo with the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta, who was unable to attend due to her recent health problems and that the organization of the festival was thus excused: “it will be impossible for me to be in Starlite with my great friend Plácido Domingo, but I will be with my soul and with all my heart in the festival that I adore and feel at home”.

For his part, Plácido Domingo had some loving words for her: “I am very sorry that my dear Ainhoa ​​cannot accompany me on this occasion on the Starlite stage. We all want to wish Ainhoa ​​Arteta a very speedy recovery and that he can do a concert with her to recover this show. We hope to see her shine again very soon. “

On this occasion, the baritone Plácido Domingo shared the stage with Saioa Hernández, whom the Madrilenian gave way, thanking him for his presence: “We want to thank another great Spanish soprano, Saioa Hernández, with whom I have shared the stage on several occasions, including at La Scala in Milan, for having accepted the call and joined the concert in the last few hours. “Saioa Hernández is the most international Spanish soprano today. She made her debut under the guidance of Montserrat Caballé and has performed in the most prestigious European theaters, which has made her a new star in world opera.

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In this sense, Saioa Hernández declared feeling “very happy to be at Starlite this year. Singing with maestro Plácido Domingo is always an honor. I wish Ainhoa ​​that she is soon in top shape and strong as always. “

Plácido Domingo, Saioa Hernández and the Malaga Symphony Orchestra They shared an excellent repertoire made up of pieces by Fausto, Hamlet, Romeo and Julieta, Tosca, La Gioconda, La del soto del Parral or Carmen. In addition, they jointly performed a theme from Il Trovatore, The One with the Bunch of Roses and The Wildcat.

As a guest artist, the evening featured the Madrid singer Marta Sánchez, which offered an impeccable vocal performance of Nostalgias and Los Nardos.

As the culmination of a tremendous show: the anthem of Spain written by Marta Sánchez and sung as a duet by her with the baritone and extenor Plácido Domingo. “This is an act of generosity. Master, thank you very much,” said a visibly moved Marta Sánchez while the audience thanked them for the unique experience with an intense ovation.

Among the attendees who attended the historic concert were the former president Jose Maria Aznar with Ana Botella, the Gravier Mazza family, Genoveva Casanova, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís Rebollo, Jaydy Michel with Rafa marquez, Carmen Lomana, Olivia de Borbón and Julián Porras, Princess Beatrice de Orleans, Pedro and Begoña Trapote, Rafael and Inmaculada Ansón, Raúl Sénder and important businessmen and presidents of several Ibex companies.

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