Third Colorado low in as many weeks possible in southeast Sask.

Another Colorado low weather system is expected to bring even more precipitation to the southeast corner of Saskatchewan on Friday, according to a special weather statement from Environment Canada.

Environment Canada noted that uncertainties with this latest weather system remain higher than the previous two.

“There is a chance the system remains entirely in the United States,” the federal agency said in the statement.

“However, the largest likelihood is that areas near the international border will receive the largest amount of precipitation.”

This precipitation could range anywhere from 20 to 50 mm. Current forecasts indicate that it will be mostly in the form of rain rather than widespread snow.

The increased precipitation comes as a concern as the region is facing threats of flooding due to the previous two storms.

This third Colorado low comes just days after approximately 24,000 residents in southeast Sask. were left without power after strong winds and snow.

SaskPower announced that power should be restored to all customers by Wednesday night, in a news release.

The coming storm is set to move into the region on Friday and remain in the area for most of the weekend.

The rural municipalities of Antler, Argyle and Mount Pleasant are named in the weather statement, as well as the communities of Redvers, Antler, Wauchope, Carnduff, Gainsborough and Carievale.

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