They will premiere a series about Los Pinos on Radio Educación

It is very likely that you do not know, or imagine, that before being the home of all our presidents, the official residence was called La Hormiga. Nor that in those days it was a hacienda, the feud of a doctor, who named it that way because it was the smallest of all his properties. Perhaps you are aware that the first Mexican president who decided to live there was General Lázaro Cárdenas and that he baptized it with the name of Los Pinos, in homage to the landscape that framed his love story with Doña Amalia. Perhaps you can open a history book that will take you to the pre-Hispanic origin of Chapultepec, a political magazine from the last century, or turn to your own memory to remember that the official residence of Los Pinos was a solemn, impressive and impenetrable enclosure. (A house without a doorbell, without a street name, without windows).

The time has come to hear the story for the first time, from the inside and from the bottom. Radio Educación, an institution of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, in co-production with the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, will premiere tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, Exploración Los Pinos, a series of historical fiction and indisputable reality, which can be tuned in on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. on 1060 AM and 96.5 FM of Radio Educación and on other stations and platforms.

There will be 13 chapters, under the production of Laura Elena Padrón, and the research and the script in charge of the one who subscribes here.

If you want to attend the presentation, go ahead and go to the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, this Saturday, April 30 at 12:35 p.m. Homero Fernández, director of Los Pinos, Gabriel Sosa, director of Radio Educación, and Laura Elena Padrón, will offer you a taste of sound.

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