They recommend that you continue the campaign to vaccinate older adults

Given the lack of total coverage in the vaccination of older adults in the country, the federal Ministry of Health (SSA) recommended going from house to house to verify that they have the complete inoculation scheme against Covid-19.

In the 34 epidemiological report on the Covid situation, the SSA stated that given the high incidence of deaths from the virus in the elderly population, “an important point would be to go with the older adult population to their homes to be able to verify the schemes and complete them in case they are not available to avoid subsequent deaths ”.

The document detailed that since epidemiological week 14 of 2021 (from April 4 to 10), when it began to keep a record of deaths with a history of vaccination against Covid in the country and until last October 25, 74% of the older adults who died from the virus had no history of inoculation, 6% had an incomplete scheme; 19% had a complete schedule and in 1% of cases the vaccination history is unknown.

Regarding older adults who have died even with the complete vaccination scheme, the SSA indicated that “it would be important to analyze what have been the associated causes for these deaths.”

Factors for not inoculating

The SSA report refers that among the factors that influence an older adult not to be vaccinated is from religion to the educational level of the person.

“Among the causes of the possible lack of vaccination to achieve full coverage of the elderly population is resistance to vaccination by the elderly, more frequently in women and in a population with a low educational level.

“Other influencing factors are ethnicity, employment status, religion and politics. Due to mistrust, largely due to misinformation and myths that have been generated around vaccination, ranging from concern about the harm that could be caused by the safety of the vaccine and side effects, doubts about the efficacy of this, higher levels of religiosity, and ideas about political control through vaccination ”, he specified.

Third dose

The document also mentions the recommendation made by the Pan American Health Organization which indicated that the immunocompromised population should be given a third booster dose of vaccines against the virus.

“In Mexico, this recommendation needs to be assessed based on evidence; studies show lower levels of antibodies in older adults compared to young people, after vaccination.

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