They prepare a project to improve infrastructure of cities with customs

Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich. For next year there is a project to improve the infrastructure of the cities where the country’s customs is based, revealed the general administrator of Customs, Horacio Duarte Olivares.

During the presentation of the Mexican Pacific Logistics Platform plan, the federal official explained that the resources will come from the Customs Trust, which has a current amount of 90,000 million pesos.

“Life in cities is not understood without customs, there are incentives, but there are also, sometimes, effects on roads, on the hydraulic infrastructure of cities, especially where there was no planning to have customs,” he acknowledged. .

He specified that the federal government has already authorized the project, but the investment amounts that will be exercised by 2022 have yet to be defined, so the following week they will work with the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to establish them.

“Next week we are going to have a meeting with the President of the Republic, there the global amounts will be defined, it will be a very important amount,” he said.

Duarte Olivares announced that for entities with ports that have maritime customs (there are 17), there will be a global investment of 33,000 million pesos.

Within this amount, Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, would correspond more than 2,500 million pesos; which would also help the cabotage project that the entity recently presented and that seeks to position it as a logistics leader.

“We are finalizing the portfolio of projects with the Ministry of the Navy (…) to guarantee that what is approved can be executed in 2022, it is not just a matter of availability of resources, but of technical investment capacity, which you have the executive projects, “he said.

Other priority destinations will be Manzanillo in Colima, Guaymas in Sonora (a new pier will be generated) and Ensenada in Baja California, as well as the two ports that touch the Trans-isthmus, Coatzacoalcos in Veracruz and Salina Cruz in Oaxaca.

In addition to improving urban spaces, he explained that it seeks to modernize customs and have better technological capacity in terms of security.

“There are customs that we have with very old x-ray equipment, which do not work, which does not work, there we are going to practically renew. Some ports are going to buy technology that is not available, which are water drones, to carry out national security reviews, ”he remarked.

“It is an investment to modernize customs, increase lanes, entrances, exits,” added the general administrator.


Horacio Duarte reported that the country’s customs this year will close with an income of more than 1 billion pesos, derived from the collection to prevent legal goods from entering that seek not to pay taxes.

“In 2020 we had an income of 860,000 million pesos, as of today there are 853,000 million, we will be reaching 1 billion by the end of December. In one year we will be increasing approximately 100 billion tax revenue in customs, ”he deepened.

In addition, he assured that this year the fight against smuggling and illicit goods also increased.

In the matter of fentanyl, 1,000% more has been seized than in recent years, on the northern border there is an increase of more than 60% in seizure of weapons and 160% of weapons cartridges.

“There is an important increase, this has been taking place because we have cleaned the customs of corruption of officials and second, because the help of the Armed Forces has been important,” he stressed.

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