• The City Council explains that 15 of these 18 families have a residential exclusion report

  • The eviction began around 11 a.m. with the presence of six riot squads, although it has proceeded without incident.

The Mossos d’Esquadra they have evicted this morning a occupied block of Guifré street in Badalona (Barcelonès), between the neighborhoods of El Remei and Sant Roc, in which 18 families lived. As explained by the Badalona City Council, among the seventy people who until today lived in the property, owned by an investment fund, there were 26 minors and an elderly couple.

It is a building occupied for seven years, during which there have been three eviction attempts and which, finally, was carried out today by court order. The eviction began around 11 a.m. with the presence of six riot squads (ARRO) of the Mossos, although it has passed without incident. However, the social entities of the city have not called a concentration in front of the block as in other cases of eviction from the municipality.

Thus, from the consistory they explain that 15 of these 18 families count on a residential foreclosure report. For this reason, the City Council indicates that they have begun to meet with each of these 15 families to, case by case, “offer a housing alternative & rdquor; emergency, depending on the situation of those affected, while they wait to be awarded a floor of the emergency table.

From the Sant Roc Som Badalona platform they do explain that they had attended, a long time ago, to some of the vulnerable families of the block and they had offered them accompaniment and support in the negotiations with the property and that they have worked for their attention by Social Services.

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The councilor for Social Services of Badalona, David Torrents, affirms that “the accompaniment” will be made to vulnerable families and recalls that “not all are”. Torrents warns that if behind some occupations there are “other things that are not the right to housing, the administration cannot support it.” Some sources consulted by the ACN also assure that some of the families with vulnerability reports would also be among the conflicting profiles, an extreme that Torrents has not wanted to enter to assess.

Albiol accused the PSC of “supporting the occupiers”

For his part, the former mayor of the city and now leader of the opposition, Xavier Garcia Albiol, has accused the PSC of “supporting the occupiers” of the bloc and has stressed that its formation is on the side of “the neighbors.”

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“Today an illegally occupied block has been vacated. Government councilors of the motion of censure accuse me of ‘not having done anything to stop it’. I have always said it: I am with the neighbors and not with the occupiers. By the way, ¿ What was a PSC councilor doing today supporting the squatters? “, He indicated on Twitter.

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