They don’t want loose ends in succession

The succession process is already against the clock, it seems to be the conclusion in the ruling party, whose confrontations are exemplified by the counterclaim of the former legal adviser of the Presidency Julio Scherer against the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero.

The activism of the candidates, enlisted and non-enlisted, is undeniable, but the profuse diffusion of Scherer’s counterclaim seems to point to the decision to eliminate loose ends in cases that could resurface in the campaign.

Complex will be that, while Palacio neutralizes the six-year loose ends, it makes it fairly credible that the militancy decides the succession and prevents the unleashed ambitions and tribalism in Morena’s DNA from derailing the process. How to change the tire with the car in motion.

Electrical Reform: there is something behind the defeat

Whoever writes this does not aspire to dispute the conclusions of many lucid intelligences dedicated to professional political analysis that the Electricity Reform was defeated in Congress due to management errors in the legislative process.

Simply by reviewing the entire chronology of the presidential initiative, whoever writes this disagrees with the majority conclusion, without the intention of polemicizing, simply and simply because over the years one becomes wayward.

Wayward as he is who writes this, despite disagreements with the Government of the Republic he admits his ability for electoral and electoral politics, ergo, even the official narrative of the subject is a smoke screen that tries to hide something.

Does the AFL-CIO replace the old corporatism?

With the speech of down with the charro leaders!, the Government of the Republic supports compliance with the strict labor rules agreed upon when they agreed to sign the T-MEC in December 2018.

Of course, they take advantage of the situation to dismantle the old PRI corporatism, it would be a mistake not to try to replace it with leaders related to the ruling party, but in times of crisis it is not the best thing for union instability.

For political reasons, the head of the SPTS Luisa María Alcalde must find a way to avoid the unpleasant surprise that the old union leaders are not replaced by leaders related to the ruling party, but rather those related to the North American AFL-CIO.


Treasury Secretary Rogelio Ramírez de la O and Victoria Rodríguez, governor of the Bank of Mexico, will have to stretch their pencils a lot so that inflation is not going to be a heavy burden on the presidential campaign… It would not be strange for this space to make a mistake, but he dares to predict that the Electoral Reform will be one more bluff by the ruling party. They will settle for controlling the general council of the INE… Nonsense to compare the mining law that “nationalizes” lithium with the expropriation of oil. Its historical dimension has no comparison, unless they rewrite history… Last weekend’s ceremonies made it clear that most of the private investments in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec project will be from the United States. Paradoxes… The leader of the Citizen Movement has not defined his true role in the remainder of his six-year term… In these times when we are forced to reflect on our manly premises about women, this Arab proverb is pertinent: “Before putting into Doubt your wife’s good judgment, look who she married “…

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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