They demand that the government vaccinate minors

After the Ministry of Health will challenge the sentence issued by a judge, which ordered the inclusion of all children and adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age in the vaccination process against Covid-19, Redim expressed its rejection To such recourse, at the same time it demanded the President of the Republic to guarantee the right to protection and health of this sector of the population.

The Network for the Rights of the Child in Mexico (Redim) said to reject the vision of the federal government that expresses that “you cannot define a public policy, based on the interest of a person or group,” so they observed with concern “Again the failure of the State to include girls, boys and adolescents in the vaccination policy, in respect of their human rights to equality and health.”

The agency added that the country’s children and adolescents are more than “a group”, since they represent at least 38 million 247,958 people, which means 30.4% of the national population, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

“Including them must be accompanied by medical evidence; disseminated and transmitted appropriately for them and them, not only discussed in the adult world; understanding the obligation to include it, not the application, so as not to understand that “it is nonsense” to vaccinate all children and adolescents against Covid, “he emphasized.

REDIM also expressed its support for the ruling issued by the Seventh Court of the Second District of the State of Mexico, based in Naucalpan, who on October 7 ordered the inclusion of all minors in the vaccination process carried out in the country. , without any discrimination.

At the same time that he considered that the Ministry of Health should avoid taking refuge in resources to breach its obligations and “if there is a problem of purchase or supply of vaccines, this must be explained and administered; the solution is not to exclude any person from the vaccination policy ”.

The foregoing, by arguing that, as of October 10, 2021, a total of 77,913 children and adolescents in Mexico had been infected by Covid-19.

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