The Winnipeg ice cream shop selling sweet treats to help Ukraine

One Winnipeg ice cream and dessert shop is selling sweet treats to help give back to Ukraine.

Baba’s House Ice Cream and Desserts is selling Ukrainian-themed ice cream, jello clouds, and cookies, as well as sunflower pins, with profits going to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

“What can we do here to help them?” said a teary-eyed Orysia Ehrmantraut, owner of Baba’s House, in an interview on Sunday.

“Many of us are not in a position to make a huge donation, so we do what we can.”

She noted they even changed the name of a few of items to fit with the theme of the fundraiser, including switching superhero ice cream to Ukrainian Hero and strawberry ice cream to Strawberry Slava.

“Anything’s that’s got a Ukrainian name to it, we’re throwing into the [fundraiser],” she said.

Ehrmantraut said they are trying to do what they can to help.

“Is it a lot? No, but every little bit helps,” she said.

“It’s very unsettling, disconcerting, what’s going on. We can’t really do a lot, but just by telling them that we care, we’re here, we’re trying to do what we can, that’s basically what it is.”

Kathryne Cardwell said she saw a social media post about what Baba’s House is doing, and decided to come by with her husband for some ice cream.

“We love ice cream and we feel very strongly about the atrocities that are happening right now, so we thought this was a wonderful way to come out and show support for a local business and also to support some efforts in a country that is near and dear to our hearts overseas,” she said.

Baba’s House is located on Bannerman Avenue.

– With files from CTV’s Gary Robson

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