The virus is taking off in Catalonia, exceeding more than 3,000 taken by covid

The epidemic curve of the sixth wave dive and, for the second day in a row, the reproduction speed is already less than one, so the virus recedes at a rate of 20% per week, although hospitals are still adding and exceeding covid surveys 3,000 hospitalized patients for the disease.

According to data updated by the Department of Health on Monday, there are 3,042 people today acknowledge by covid in hospitals, 100 more than yesterday, of which 463, just like the day before, are in a serious condition in the ICU, 301 of them intubated and 23 with ECMO (extracorporeal respiration).

600 points less risk of regrowth

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The risk of outbreak (EPG), an indicator measuring the potential growth of the epidemic, which reached the peak of the epidemic on January 16 by 6,903 points, it’s been falling for five days dropped, and today it stands at 4,965 points, 600 less than yesterday.

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