The US sanctions Guerreros Unidos Los Rojos and other criminal groups from China, Brazil and Colombia

The United States strengthens its arsenal of fight against drug trafficking targeting people and organizations from China, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, announced the government of Joe Biden, when the country just posted a record for overdose deaths.

Those sanctioned include people who traffic in fentanyl and its chemical precursors, methamphetamine, cocaine Y heroinas well as organizations that Washington considers a threat to the United States.

“President Biden takes decisive action to detect, disrupt and reduce the power of transnational criminal organizations and protect the American people” through two decrees on transnational organized crime and drugs, according to a document transmitted by his administration officials.

One of these decrees establishes a new body, the United States Council on Transnational Organized Crime (USCTOC), which will be made up of representatives from different government agencies.

The other decree imposes a more comprehensive sanctions regime against international actors in the drug trafficking, to which their assets in the United States may be frozen.

Under this new sanctions regime, the Treasury Department announced this Wednesday afternoon 25 targets (10 people and 15 groups), including some new ones, such as the Brazilian organization Primeiro Comando Da Capital, and the Mexicans The Reds Y Warriors united, as well as four companies and a Chinese drug trafficker.

It also includes 17 previously sanctioned individuals and entities, including Mexicans and Colombians.

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