The United States advises its citizens to “immediately leave Russia”

United States recommended this Sunday to its citizens to leave “immediately” from Russiadue to flight cancellations and airspace closures announced by many countries against russian planes in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“A growing number of airlines are canceling flights to and from Russia, and many countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines,” the US Embassy wrote on Sunday. Russia in his web page.

“American citizens should immediately consider leaving Russia through the commercial options still available,” he recommended.

The European Union announced on Sunday that it would close its airspace to russian airlinesfollowing in the footsteps of Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, North Macedonia and Iceland.

Several airlines have also announced measures: Lufthansa and air France They decided to temporarily suspend flights to Russia or overflying its territory.

The embassy also recalled that the State Department discourages Americans from traveling to Russia, particularly due to “the possibility of harassment” in the country and being the target of “arbitrary application of local laws.”


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