The Top NHL Teams to Watch for Sports Bettors Based on Their Recent Results

Predicting the outcomes and placing bets on future matches, is made easier by analyzing a hockey team’s past performance. Canadian sports bettors benefit from this helpful tip when placing bets in local leagues or, in the larger league, the NHL which consists of both American and Canadian teams.

The focus of this article will be to analyse the current top teams in the NHL and their past performances and the best NHL betting websites easily accessible for Canadian betting enthusiasts. Read on and see what top NHL teams to look out for based on their recent performances.

Boston Bruins

With a starting record of 13-1-3, the Boston Bruins had a blistering start to the season. Their two leads lost to Tampa Bay in the last four minutes should not alarm anyone as they still maintained a solid performance. Life for the Bruins is looking positive as in their last 17 games they have only failed to score a point once. With four wins, two draws and one loss, their last six-game record stands strong. However, despite their success, the team’s coach Jim Mongomery continues to push the players to perform their best. Montgomery remarks, “We need to develop a little more poise and understanding of time and score and how to close out games”

Vegas Golden Knights

One cannot leave out the defending champions from this list. The Vegas Golden Knights have had a pretty good start to the season with a 13-4-2 record. However, all sports bettors need to beware as the Golden Knights are experiencing a slight performance dip, having only recorded one win from their last four games; the other results being a loss and two draws. They are facing scoring problems as they have produced inconsistent plays only recording three or fewer goals in their last 12 games.

New York Rangers

Last season, the Canadian News predicted the New York Rangers had a solid bright future ahead of them and right they were. The Rangers have flown out the blocks, holding a record of 12-3-1. But, it must be mentioned that their 11-game point streak and the 15-game point streak from Artemi Panarin came to an end against Dallas resulting in a loss. For all sports bettors following, this could end up being a turning point. A quick bounce back or a mental breakdown is a question sports bettors should be asking themselves.

Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings fell short of making the top three teams in the predictions, however, sports bettors should not discount this up-and-coming team. They are currently on a blazing-hot win streak, having won 8 of their most recent games consecutively. If the team keeps up its momentum going, they stand a good chance of making it to the finals. Overall, the King’s record reflects their progress and hard work with 11 total wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. The team’s coach, Todd McLellan emphasizes that the team’s strategy moving forward will be to stick to what they know best. He states, “We understand what our structure is. All of those things are really important on the road.”

Vancouver Canucks

Last but definitely not least, sports bettors should also keep an eye on the Canadian-based team, the Vancouver Canucks. While loads of people may have underestimated the winning potential of the Canucks based on the team’s slow start to the 2023-24 season, things are turning around for the Canadian team. Much of the team’s success can be attributed to the efforts of their front running defensive player, Quinn Hughes. He played a significant role in extending the point streak to 8 games by triumphing over San Jose to end a two-game skid. Overall, the Canucks can be praised for turning around their record this season, now boasting 13 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss. 

As the current NHL season continues to unfold, it will be exciting too see how the mentioned teams are going to evolve. Canadian sports bettors, whether they are betting for or against these teams, should consider the information provided on the past performances of these teams as it can be crucial. While past performance records do not guarantee certain outcomes when it comes to predictions, they can definitely be used as a valuable perspective or something that everyone involved should consider.

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