The thriving iGaming industry in Canada

In recent years, the iGaming market has boomed, in which more people than ever are now opting to play their favourite casino games online rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar location. Thanks to new and continually evolving technical advancements, there’s never been a better time to try out iGaming as the market is continually innovated with new products that enhance the gaming experience.

What’s more, as the competition increases between iGaming providers, there’s a continuous stream of bonuses and promotions that benefit all players and in particular those who are signing up for the first time.

Below, we’ll take a look at why iGaming has become so popular in Canada and what market and socio-economic changes are helping the industry to thrive. 

The current state of the iGaming market in Canada

While gambling laws have traditionally been fairly tough throughout Canada, in recent years these laws have changed and adapted to the times. As a result, more people in Canada than ever are able to access iGaming like online slots, poker and sports betting, allowing the industry to thrive and grow. 

Due to the growth of the industry, more online providers are entering the market. Due to the number of providers, Canadians must research sites before opting which one to play at. For example, when wanting to play online poker, Canadians should look for a safe, secure poker site that offers a range of poker games, bonuses and promotions. A great example of a reputable poker site is 888 which currently offering a no deposit bonus for all new players and has secure payment options and considered by many as top of the line online poker in Canada.

On the 4th of April this year, the Canadian iGaming market will continue to grow as Ontario’s very own iGaming market is launched. iGaming Ontario will work alongside the Canadian Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to create a regulated and responsible online gaming environment. 

Local businesses have already begun applying for the relevant licences, as well as undertaking strict entry requirement criteria including the KYC identity authentication process and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. 

The move is set to diversify and strengthen the iGaming market in Canada, enabling citizens to play their favourite online games safely and within the law, while benefiting from a much better experience with enhanced providers who go through the strict vetting process. 

There are ongoing changes to the Canadian gambling laws surrounding online casinos.

Factors helping the iGaming industry to grow

In addition to the changing gambling laws across Canada, there are also a number of changes that are helping the market to thrive. Let’s take a look at these below.


While it was difficult to legally access online gambling in Canada in the past, today it’s never been easier for consumers to access their favourite games. Thanks to the likes of online streaming platforms, people can now access their favourite games at any time and from almost any location, whether that be on a train on the commute to work, from the comfort of a players sofa at 2 am, or even on a remote beach in the Caribbean. 

Enhanced safety

Just a decade ago, there was much concern over making online payments, with many people falling victim to internet con artists. However, as technology has evolved, new, safer and more efficient payment options have become available.

There are now several crypto casinos popping up across the globe, creating more flexible ways for consumers to pay. Cryptocurrency casinos operate on blockchain technology, meaning the payments do not go through a central banking authority. As a result, payments and withdrawals can be made much quicker, enhancing the gaming experience. 

In addition, cryptocurrency casinos offer players more anonymity over their activity which can be something of concern to many players. By being able to play more privately, many more consumers are reached by the iGaming industry. 

Players must make sure the online casino they play at is safe and secure.

Wide variety of games

Thanks to a lack of physical restrictions that brick and mortar casinos typically have, online casinos are free to offer a wide variety of gaming options. From exclusive online poker rooms to baccarat, roulette, blackjack and online slots, there’s a huge variety to choose from with options for all levels of players too.

What’s more, new technologies are enhancing the gaming process and bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Such examples include VR headsets, Augmented Reality, live dealers in poker games and even themed slot games with characters and icons from the latest blockbuster movie hits and popular TV shows. 

Consumers changing attitudes towards gambling

While gambling laws in Canada have been restrictive in the past, society as a whole is now becoming much more accepting of iGaming and internet gambling activity. This is partly due to the increased standards in which online offerings now provide a far superior service, 

As the state has become more onboard, Canadian citizens have felt more inclined to try out iGaming without risking fear of a fine. 

What’s more, not only is it now legal to participate in such online gaming activity, society has become more accepting of gambling activity in which it’s not such a taboo subject anymore. As such, many people feel more comfortable playing casino games, both in a brick and mortar venue, as well as in their own house. 

Canada’s sports betting market

In addition to the online casino market, Canada’s online sports betting market has also picked up significantly in recent years. Thanks to an increase in private gaming operators across Canada, single sports betting is now a highly popular activity. Since it came into law in 2021, regions like Ontario have taken a significantly liberal stance on such activities. 

Overall, the iGaming market across Canada is currently thriving. As more technological advancements become available and the iGaming activity continues to spread across the different regions of the country, it seems that iGaming could get incredibly popular, due to consumers changing attitudes of casino games being accepted around society across many diverse settings. For more of the latest news, check out

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