The three females that he lodged were ‘most large’ than Nadal

With the conquest epic of Open Australia, Rafa Nadal converts in the tennis with the most titled Grand Slam masculines of history, similar to Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (20 each one). Pero sigue habiendo three women que han logrado más grandes.

Margaret Court

An Australian kicks his throne in his native country. The myth Margaret Court, won the big draw at home: crowned 11 times at the Australian Open since the first was seized in 1960, the first of its kind has been excavated. In addition to converting this tornado into his private house, he also won five Roland Garros, many others US Open and Wimbledon. In 1970, in addition, the large quarter was logored. Untitled collector of titles, he also celebrated 19 majors in mixed doubles and 21 doubles, for a grand slam of 64 Grand Slams. One of the pistes of the Australian Open left his name, following the petitions he exchanged for homophobic comments he had made on his legacy. John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova, among others, propose to rebuild as Evonne Goolagong Arena, for the first time to sign a Grand Slam.

Serena Williams

On September 8, 2019, it’s a coincidence that Williams’ little girl will not be jealous anymore. On the runway Artur Ashe, in the same position where he had just spent decades on his first Grand Slam, podium follow Margaret Court’s 24 record. But, at 38 years old, he was arrested in the final of the US Open by Bianca Andreescu, a player who doubled the oath. Since then, in a camp full of young rivals, he has not wanted to go to a final. He was crowned six weeks ago in New York, only one month ago in Melbourne and London. Paris returns to its places on three occasions. And in his year we also read the 14 great titles that he celebrated with her husband Venus and one of the most mixed in two mixed with the bielorruso Max Mirnyi.

Steffi Graf

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Before the Williams scandal erupted, Steffi Graf took second place on the podium. She is the founder and the only unit of the Golden Slam club: only she has the ability to conquer the big four and the medal of gold the same year. A 1988 debut in which, moreover, he won his only big double, along with Argentina’s Gabriela Sabatini over the Wimbledon squad.

Andre Agassi, Rafa Nadal and Serena han conseguido también sumar la manita, pero en distintas temporadas. Novak Djokovic scored his first goal for Steffi’s club in the semi-finals of Tokyo. Graf moved to Germany from Roland Garros’ two other Wimbledon clubs and held five occasions at the US Open and in Australia.

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