The Teatre Principal de la Rambla will reopen in 2024 after the rehabilitation of its six rooms

  • The city council closes an agreement with the promoters, who will invest 25 million in the remodeling of the historic theater

  • The reform will last about 24 months after obtaining the mandatory license, scheduled for early 2022

The Teatre Principal will reopen its doors after a remodeling that will turn it into an establishment with six rooms and a capacity for 2,520 people. The different areas will communicate with each other through an interior space that will act as a passage and that will link the Rambla with Lancaster Street. It is estimated that the works will last about 24 months after the mandatory license exists, which could occur, if there are no unforeseen problems, in the first quarter of 2022.

The promoter is Inversiones Hoteleras Atir, and within the agreement with the council will contribute 547,000 euros as urban compensations that will be used to improve cultural facilities in the Raval. The investment required to reform the equipment will amount to 25 million euros. The property belongs to the Balañá group.

The first covered theater

The resolution of a case that comes from afar supposes “Recover a jewel, a treasure, a wonderful building & rdquor ;, has underlined the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, who recalled that the Principal was the first covered theater in all of Spain and has celebrated the beginning of its recovery when the renovation works on the Rambla are close to beginning, which will begin at the bottom during 2022.

“Now the road begins & rdquor ;, said Colau, who has specified that the agreement that gives rise to the remodeling will be approved this Wednesday in the municipal government commission. “The worst that could happen is that the building continues to be closed, deteriorating & rdquor ;, he added.

The Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Janet Sanz, has explained that the government commission will approve a mandatory Special Comprehensive and Urban Improvement Plan (PEIMU) to start the process and has reported that there was a space, that of the old Jai Alai, which needed a change to dedicate the entire building to cultural use.

After going through the government commission tomorrow, the agreement will end up being voted on in the municipal plenary session, that is, it will require the support of the opposition. Sanz has taken for granted that the rest of the municipal groups will agree with the project, which, he said, they already know.

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11,000 square meters

The building will be completely remodeled. It adds more than 11,000 square meters and the facade will be maintained. The six rooms that will communicate through the open passage are: Teatre Principal, Teatre Latino, Cúpula Venus, Espai Rambles, Jai Alai and Espai Lancaster (Petit Frontó). There will not only be theater as a cultural offer, but also large-format immersive art exhibitions.

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