The tares, by Carles Francino

I know that it is not the best way to learn history, although it is a guarantee of fun. And besides, at least in my case, it opened wide a window to become fond of reading. In other words, I will never be able to thank enough for everything that the last Gallic village that resisted the invader gave me. The adventures of Asterix in Corsica, Hispania, Brittany, Helvetia – a flat land in the memory of Obelix, struck down by a monumental cogorza -, his trip to Egypt to admire Cleopatra’s nose, his participation in the Olympic Games, his experience as a gladiator or as a legionnaire make up a universe where it is verified that the topics, indeed, always contain a grain of truth. And there is no truth more topical and unfortunate than the existence of toxic people, capable of poisoning the environment wherever they pass. Because one of the Asterix books is titled ‘The tares’ and its protagonist is a detestable character who responds to the name of perfect sculpt the green trail – green by chance or premonition? – that signals its presence is revealed to be capable of pissing off the Gauls, the Romans, the pirates and anyone who crosses its path. The worrying thing is when that same trail seems to spread to every corner of real life until it acquires traces of an epidemic. Today we are on it. Y one of the last and most surreal chapters is the Eurovision row, with complaints of rigging, Twitter harassment of the winner, threats to the jury, questions in Congress, union pronouncements and conflicting theories about the vindication or demonization of the tits. We all have our little heart there and Personally, I don’t think the ‘Slomo’ lyrics are the most appropriate flag to represent public television that we all pay too. But there I stay, I will not burn containers for that; we are supposed to talk about music and a festival, not about the tables of the law. But obviously not: if you have to choose wind, let it be a hurricane. How right Asterix is! “These Romans are crazy”

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