The Stingers complete an unlikely comeback

Delayed by 22 points in the fourth quarter, the Concordia Stingers never gave up and even forced an overtime, before winning 36 to 33 on Friday at Percival-Molson Stadium against the McGill Redbirds. .

The score was 33-11 in favor of the home side, when visiting quarterback Oliver Roy capped each of his three offensive streaks with a touchdown pass.

Roy finally completed his night of work having completed 18 of his 29 stints – including four for a major – for 299 yards. He was also the victim of an interception.

Roy caught up with a different wide receiver on each touchdown, but his favorite target was definitely Jeremy Murphy, who caught seven balls for 62 yards and a major.

In the Redbirds camp, pivot Dimitrios Sinodinos completed 14 of his 25 stints for 197 yards. He also caught a catcher in the end zone on two occasions.

The defense of each formation was signaled at the start of the match. The Stingers scored two safety touchdowns, while the Redbirds scored one, in addition to hitting a major after recovering a dropped ball.

For their next game, the Redbirds will go to CEPSUM to face the Université de Montréal Carabins, while the Stingers will welcome the Université de Sherbrooke Vert et Or to their home on Saturday September 25.

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