‘The Squid Game’: season 2, premiere, plot and cast

There is still no official statement from Netflix, but everything indicates that ‘The squid game’, the most watched series on the platform, which is still at the top of the ‘Top 10’ and which shattered the record of ‘The Bridgertons’, will continue with a second season. Although most Korean series are usually presented as single season fictions, the end of episode 9 (‘A Lucky Day’) of ‘The Squid Game’ leave the story very open and prepared to have continuity, at least for one more season. Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist, the player with the number 456, wants revenge. “Listen to me well, I am not a horse. I am a person. That is why I want to know who you are and how you can commit these atrocities,” he threatens by phone, about to get on the plane at the end of the series, to The Front Man. “Don’t ever do anything stupid,” the evil leader in the raincoat and black mask responds in 3D.

The creator of the series, Hwang Dong Hyuk, neither denies nor confirms. It has only been limited to advance to North American media that the delivery of this hypothetical new installment will take, since it has not yet developed any continuation. If we take into account how long it took with the first season, which began planning ‘The Squid Game’ in 2008, he got to work on it a year later and it took six months to write the first two chapters, which had to redo several Sometimes, we can deduce that the second one may take a while to arrive. It is also clear that its director and screenwriter has a very clear idea of ​​where the story can follow. In addition, although most of the cast has not released a pledge, the actor Wi Ha-jun, who plays the mysterious policeman Hwang Jun-ho has hinted that his character could return in case a new delivery is confirmed. In a recent interview, the director has also acknowledged that he is feeling a lot of pressure from fans to write a second season. “The pressure on me is enormous now, with such a large audience waiting for a season two. Due to all that pressure, I have not yet decided if I should do another season or not,” he said. With which, at the very least, one could wait until late 2022 or 2023.

Fans of the series have created different theories about how the second season will continue. One of them focuses on the figure of the detective, who spent most of the first season searching for his missing brother and resorted to working behind the scenes of the game’s tests, as an undercover guardian. There are also those that are based on the end of the first season to figure out that the protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun, When he ends up winning a fortune, he could go against the elite behind the organization of the twisted game. Therefore, it would remain the central character of the second season. But the director himself has pointed in other directions, such as a plot around the figure of the figurehead. Also the idea of ​​delving into the story of contestant number 001It seems like a good line to continue swelling the saga. Another idea that fans weigh would be a prequel.

Of the 456 contestants from the first season, most are already dead, minus the actor Lee Jung-jae, who has all the points to repeat as the main character, Seong Gi-Hun. It is also possible that the second part abounds in the ‘flashbacks’, with which many of the actors could return. The second season should at least feature Gong Yoo, Wi Ha-joon (the detective) and Lee Byung-hun (leader).

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