The sky can wait

They say that the appointment was in the office of Joan Laporta, that office where the legal profession is not exercised but the presidency of Barça, whether or not its owner is president of the ‘month than a club’.

They say that it was one of the various appointments between Laporta, the man who had the advantage on the Bernabéu canvas and his tremendous charisma, and Victor Font, the bland, bland candidate, but with a project under his arm.

It was a conversation, explain those who know her, great. It was not a matter of fighting or arguing within days of the vote. And it was in that pleasant meeting, where Font already sensed, perhaps, that the Laporta flower was going to be the winner.

Hence, during the talk, Font offered Laporta the possibility that he was “his” president, that is, that he was “his” candidate and that he, the true businessman, would take care of everything else.

Font’s condition

They say that Font only put one condition and it was that Laporta committed himself in writing, I do not know if at that moment (for that there is always time, the rogue lawyers say) to sign a document by which he promised to comply strictly, to shield , the project that he led.

It does not seem that Laporta thought too much about it and, as has ended up proving a few months after his presidency, he was wrong. That was, perhaps, his first mistake. Then there were a lot of them, ‘of the record’ on the sidelines.

It is evident that what is underway now at Barça is Font’s project, which had as its cornerstone Xavi Hernandez. What’s more, Laporta has just hired, presumably at the request of Xavi himself, a Font company called Kognia, a gesture that many observers do not like because they see a cat locked up in it, but hey.

The fact is that what is already filming is the project that Font designed with the captain who decided the businessman from Granollers, which, I insist, shows that the idea of ​​this rich man made a lot of sense: I do not have charisma, I did not drag the ‘gent blaugrana’, I don’t win, but I manage and put my man in front of the boat.

Demir, ‘a lo Messi’

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The fact is that football showed last night, in a rainy but dedicated Camp Nou, excited, motivated, that it is the most unfair sport in the world. And not only because Barça, due to its approach, strategy, dedication, courage, dedication, sacrifice, insistence, desire, enthusiasm, desire and opportunities deserved to win and, perhaps, even with one of the most beautiful goals of the Champions League (that squad of iron ‘a la Leo Messi’), but also because football, as happened to Espanyol, last Saturday, denied victory to a Bénfica racano, well Seferovic he had the triumph (sounded and with which he buried Barça) in his boots. And easy, much easier than Demir’s prodigious banana (slow motion).

If what Xavi needs is time, here it is, given away. It deserves it. If one thinks of those two knives, Dembele on the right and Ansu Fati, on the left, there is only one sentence: heaven can wait.

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