The rugby player who threw himself from the third floor in Eivissa returns to compete

  • Jansin Turgut broke several bones in his face, hips, legs, arms, hands and spine two years ago.

In May 2019, Jansin Turgut, a British athlete who was then 23 years old, was seriously injured after throwing himself from the third floor from the Eivissa airport car park while a few Holidays on the island. The fall had serious consequences for the rugby star: he broke several bones in his face, hips, legs, arms, hands and spine. The injuries caused him to induce a coma, so he needed life support.

Now, almost two and a half years later, the former Hull FC and Salford Red Devils and international turkish team, announces on his Twitter account that he will return to the field in 2022, exemplifying a miraculous recovery, both physically and emotionally.

In his publication he assures that he has passed the Mental illness which led him to attempt suicide and that he is in very good physical shape.

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Jason Turgut, now 25, publicly acknowledged in 2020 that what led to his emotional imbalance was the drug use. Apparently, this consumption started when the player left the Hull FC rugby team to move to Salford. The change of city, not having his family and friends close, dragged him to a depression which led him to use drugs.

After the fall at the Ibiza airport, the player had to undergo many surgeries to treat his injuries. As soon as he began to recover, he began to collaborate in a social lunchroom from Hull, the city in which he resides.

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